Skinny Bones & Dreamy Sounds


Swim Deep |Where The Heaven Are We|

Debuting themselves with the likes of Peace and JAWS, Swim Deep have made their mark with their dreamy bubble gum sound that delivers the perfect summer songs which hipsters these days would crave for. The indie-pop band presents themselves with their fresh baby faces, worn-out oversized clothes and uncombed hair that just works for them. Even the album cover looks suspiciously similar to a young Britney’s album art but it still manages to briefly escape the cheesy 80’s feel into the perfect indie image.

Despite the fact that many are referring to them as indie-pop’s dream, the Intro mellows you into the LP with a soothing bass line, short guitar twangs and accompanied with Austin Williams’ soft and easeful vocals. Almost like a trance. ‘Francisco’ definitely interrupts that peace with its bright keyboards and drums that remind you of pop songs back in the day. One of the best tracks from the album, ‘King City’ progresses with a slight gloom but still with the ever-merry “ooh oohs” in the background. The track gives off a carefree vibe while encapsulating the ideal youthful experience of playing hooky and fantasizing about some cool girl without the restrictions of standard relationships just as Williams puts it crudely, “Fuck your romance I wanna pretend/ that Jenny Lee Lindberg is my girlfriend.” It’s hard to doubt the track’s assistance to the Birmingham’s band claim to fame.

Swim Deep could claim to have a more distinct sound than other bands and actually get away with it. However, the dreamy-bubble-gum-pop sound that the band seem to be recognised for carries the album almost independently with tracks like ‘Honey’, ‘Colour Your Ways’ and ‘Make My Sun Shine’. After a while, it seems repetitive and uninventive. It’s forgivable knowing that this is their debut album and experimentation can come later as they mature as a band.

Despite the redundancy of a number of tracks, the album closed off nicely with ‘Soul-Tripping with Me’ and ‘She Changes the Weather’ showing a different side of the band but still intact with the distinction of Swim Deep. The former track gives you a ride of euphoria on a possible magic carpet. The latter track is also a favourite amongst many being on par with ‘King City’ and echoes the core of the ‘Intro’ of the LP.

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