Ra Ra Ra-ing Their Way Onto the Top


The Vaccines | What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? |

The current icon for alternative pop rock- The Vaccines. They achieved this oh so high status with their jingly rock sound in their debut album that you just tap your feet along to.

It starts strong with ‘Wreckin’ Bar’ making you “ra ra ra” with the roaring lead singer. The high energy doesn’t stop there, ‘If You Wanna’ captures the indie-pop rock sound perfectly in my opinion. ‘A Lack of Understanding’ takes a moody turn for the spirited band, but the drum beats and guitar remain boosted and lively. ‘Blow It Up’ then continues the similar mood with the lead singer yelling the title repeatedly with immense feeling but the guitars here are bright, pulling the track together.

‘Norgaard’ a tribute track to a young gorgeous model and is absolutely vibrant which compensates for its unfortunate time length which is a mere one and half minute. Their popular single ‘Post Break-Up Sex’ is less upbeat than the first track of the album but is still pretty catchy despite the supposedly explicit content. ‘Wolf Pack’ is one the highlights of the album for me with it’s tight guitar and zappy drums.The chorus is irresistibly memorable, “I don’t even know you, you’re just someone new I don’t want to talk to, you’re wild, I don’t find you crazy at all.”

The album wraps itself up with tracks like ‘Family Friend’ and ‘Somebody’s Child’ which both definitely slowed down the pace of the entire album which is actually rather nice after all those peppy songs. Tracks in The Vaccines’ debut album may be quite short, but they’re not at all disappointing. The tracks all feel complete and full, you don’t have to wonder why The Vaccines are pretty much at the top.

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