They’ve Got The Ocean, Babes, Sun & Waves Into 1 LP


Best Coast | The Only Place |

Getting ready to hit the beach? Remember to update your playlist with Best Coast. Apparently they’ve “got the oceans, got the waves, got the sun, they’ve got the babes.” The band that is full of perfect cheery summer songs has come up with a second album and has that signature Best Coast sound but with a slight hint of gloom this time round.

The album introduces itself with its title track busting out all breezy and bright with the busy guitars. ‘The Only Place’ screams out a tourism-like tagline “why would you be anywhere else?”, but gets you to sing along to the cheesy slogan anyway cause that’s how catchy this track is.

It takes a different turn from the second track onwards. Bethany Cosentino’s fruity voice was absolutely radiant in their first album singing about potential boyfriends and giggly relationships. Tracks in this album such as ‘No One Like You’, ‘How They Want Me To Be’ and ‘Up All Night’ shows how Cosentino has moved on from juvenile boy-girl relationships and is growing to be more mature and sophisticated. Just like in its title, ‘How They Want Me To Be’ is basically showing us how she makes her own decisions and can be with whoever she wants, even if it’ll end up in heartbreak. ‘Up All Night’ is definitely heart wrenching despite its repetitive lyrics. The repetitiveness is somehow a key to this track, it reveals compelling emotions from the singer and gets the listener all mushy and weepy really.

Now there’s no reason to doubt updating your summer playlist with songs that have been describe weepy. The album still offers an enlightening array of smooth and even upbeat guitar tunes in each song, especially in ‘Dreaming My Life Away’. This particular track lets you daze away with Cosentino’s voice being drawn out in a delightful way.

Best Coast’s second album may not have been experimental, but it has shown growth, which i appreciate. The album lets you have that perfect combination of feelings of heartbreak despair and summer bliss. How every teenager’s holiday sums up.

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