A Rightful Tribute to Wes Anderson


Various Artists |I Saved Latin! : A Tribute to Wes Anderson|

I love Wes Anderson movies, i may be labelled as a hipster for it but it doesn’t matter. His movies possess an intriguing element that just reel you into the universe of Wes Anderson. The characters that he brings to life all seem so relatable but all have their own special quality, disorder or issue that makes them so entertaining to watch. It’s the eccentricities and subtle humour that Wes Anderson is genius at and the reason why his movies have attracted cult attention. My personal favourite Wes Anderson film, Rushmore, speaks to my inner ambitions. Max Fischer is determined, although with a lack of focus, but is certain about what he’s passionate about and that’s as quote “going to Rushmore.” Sure it might seem slightly immature to want to go to school for the rest of your life at least he knows where his strengths lie and that’s admiring to me, knowing what you’re good at. Despite his many achievements through his countless curricular activities, Max still has insecurities such as being embarrassed that his father’s a barber instead of some successful hot shot.

I think that’s the reason to Wes Anderson’s success. His characters are all relatively accomplished individuals but is still yearning to achieve something that actually matters. The soundtrack that accompanies the characters through their emotional adventure is able to sum up each milestone moment so aptly. The songs are always whimsy and gentle and it fits in the world of Wes Anderson wonderfully. The songs fills the spaces in the films eloquently and stretches a sentiment that was enveloped within us and eventually leaves a lasting impression. It was only a matter of time before a tribute album was produced in honour of the brilliance of Wes Anderson. ‘I Saved Latin: A Tribute to Wes Anderson’ and my personal favourite quote, is a triumphant tribute and is must listen for any fan. It may be hard to adjust with the original song ingrained in your brain along with the scene vividly replaying in your mind. But the covers here make an admirable attempt to carve a new and colourful path but still essentially preserves the unique characteristic of the original.

Taking PHOX’s ‘The Way I Feel Inside’ as an example, it’s serene adaptation on The Zombies’ original brilliantly upholds the intent of sincerely  expressing one’s feelings. It’s touching to the extent that gives you goosebumps and especially when the vocals start  to a hit a trembling high that is just haunting. It doesn’t emulate the song’s predecessor but attempts to have a new spin at it and possibly do it justice. Just as how Freelance Whales’ cover of the jaunty ‘Let Her Dance’ was refreshingly different. Instead of keeping the upbeat pace, Freelance Whales made it more tame and kind accompanied with this gleam of guitars and keyboards. Despite the distinct change, the track still feels bright-eyed and cheery.

These tracks are just the two of many other marvelous covers in this tribute to Wes Anderson. They’re not the first-hand tracks that made you fall in love with The Tenenbaums, Steve Zissou and Max Fischer and may never compensate the original soundtracks of these cult films. But it was never suggested that we alter the universe of Wes Anderson that we have all come to know and love. It would be as if we were repainting the Starry Night, it just wouldn’t be as right as before. But the concept of  idiosyncrasy and peculiar personalities is still intact. There’s a feeling of susceptibility as you’re listening to this tribute, a similar feeling when you get cosy with a Wes Anderson film and i think that’s what makes this tribute pretty pleasurable.

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