Tribes’ Day Has Come


Tribes | Baby |

This debut album may have been released a few years back and the band has even produced a second album that was less than sub par since then. However, ‘Baby’ will always be an impressive album to me. It’s punchy, bold and breezy songs keep reeling me in and never leave dull feeling. Although, not every debut album is stunningly revolutionary and ‘Baby’ is no exception. A number of forgettable tracks do surface but the stronger and catchier ones definitely compensates.

Their debut album personally, is a classic alternative rock album (for this era) where the tracks are rock anthems just for you to jam out to. It opens tremendously with ‘Whenever’ where there’s a heavy bassline and a youthful chorus that could propel you to shout to along “if you came back, it’d just be me and you.”

‘Corner of An English Field’ and ‘Halfway Home’ are heartfelt with the guitars sounding rich and sultry. Lloyd’s vocals are absolutely earnest as he expressively sings about a difficult relationship in ‘Corner of An English Field’. Lloyd’s coarse and grit lets the latter track sound like a rugged lullaby that could almost give you goose bumps.

‘Sappho’, ‘Himalaya’ and ‘Nightdriving’ all continue this dark and grungy sound that embodies the album. However, ‘When My Day Comes’ is where the album peaks. The track is vibrant and energetic with a carefree chorus “just been out having fun, now it don’t mean a thing to me or no one, I will live my life when my day comes,” which is the rock anthem that I’ve been longing for quite some time. The hype of the track is continued with ‘Walking in The Street’ which is cheery and pretty upbeat, leaving a spring in your step in some such way.

‘Baby’ concludes with the mellow ballad of ‘Bad Apple’ and the tuneful country track ‘Alone or With Friends’. These last two tracks are pretty humdrum after listening to the bands other dynamic tracks. It was an abrupt halt to the spirit of the album. Nonetheless, Tribe’s debut album is fresh and youthful but still gives you a slight sense of nostalgia of old alternative rock. To this day I still adore it and associate this band with this album.

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