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Childhood’s Sparkling Debut


Childhood  | Lacuna |

I have been anticipating for Lacuna ever since I listened to Falls Away and Solemn Skies. The two tracks were an incredible introduction to the London four-piece. I’ve made my adoration for the track Falls Away quite clear on ‘On My Loop’ but Solemn Skies is another gem from the band. The track is the epitome of alternative pop rock. Contrary to its title, the song is addictive, bouncy and almost radiant.

Many have commented that Childhood is a sub-standard version of The Stone Roses and I don’t blame them. It’s easy to hear the resemblance between the two with their bright and psychedelic guitar riffs that could last forever and drumming that feels so effortlessly fun and easy. It definitely would be difficult for Childhood to ever amount to the legend that is The Stone Roses but at the rate Childhood is going, they could be around for a while.

Lacuna introduces itself with Blue Velvet which initiates a calming ethereal sound with a chorus which is certainly a crowd-pleaser. You Could Be Different is this gritty lo-fi track that has riffs that just dances off of the speakers. As I Am takes a much more invigorating pace making you feel all warm and cozy. Right Beneath Me is one track that accentuates the velvety vocals of Ben Romans-Hopcraft to a whole new level of tranquility. Romans-Hopcraft’s falsetto is somehow able to bring a little more emotion and longing to the track.

Tides is where the band experiments with a slower pace. The track is smooth, has guitar twangs that are out of this realm and the vocals are incredibly gentle. It’s something you would imagine slow dancing to at beach, when the sun is down and the tides of the ocean rolling in and out. Chilliad continues this chill feeling with guitars that are like rays of sunlight seeping through each cloud of nostalgia. Pay For Cool, one my personal favourite, is fast and racy making you feel as if you’re hurtling through the city lights. The riffs are quirky and loose adding to that dangerous excitement of the track. When You Rise manages to end the album boldly that leaves an imprint of the band in your mind.

Childhood made their entrance along with other promising indie alternative bands but they have managged to achieve consistently catchy hooks and now stands slightly above the rest. Lacuna impresses and exhibits the band’s talent from not being able to play a single note a year ago, to making music that just hits all the right notes.


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