Human Sadness

God only knows how much I love Julian, I try to soak every minute of online footage there is of him. When we were teased about this short film, I went crazy with anticipation. Praise the lord, it’s finally here.

From The Strokes to ‘Phrazes for The Young’ and The Voidz, I have enjoyed every musical step Julian has taken, particularly ‘Tyranny’. It was difficult to digest at first but my bias towards the guy led me to listen to the album several times. And the more I listened, the more attached I got to the songs.

I kind of got the vibe that The Voidz was an outlet where Julian could vent his artistic frustrations and it paid off. Even with this short film that accompanies the 11 minute emotional roller coaster of a track, Julian went all out. The film brings us through every devastation possible to a human being; addiction, abuse, loss, conflict, destruction and war. Human sadness indeed.

Watching the despair each band member went through was plain to say, heartbreaking. Much like the song, the whole film was very moving. It was also kind of an eye-opener to the injustice of life but by the end of it, it’s all over and you’re looking rad with a pair of white sunglasses, a reference to Laurie Anderson’s ‘Big Science’ album cover.

And playing a live version of the song to go along with the film just elevated the whole experience of watching this mini movie.

Beyond ideas of right and wrong, there is a field, I will be meeting you there Julian. Is that too much?

(Apparently a guitar solo can split the sea if it is that mind-blowing.)

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