Laneway 2015

It’s a little too late to post this now (actually very late since the festival was in January) but what the hey, I had a phenomenal time and it was a dream come true for me to see everyone I adore up on that stage.

Everything was a go and the venue was packed with festival-goers, 13,000 to be exact. Braving the heavy crowds was no joke and people were moving like cattle from stage to stage, especially the Cloud Stage. But I managed to hang tight and decided to just hang around the Garden Stage and Bay Stage. I mean, with acts like Mac Demarco, Pond and Royal Blood, why would I be anywhere else?

Mac was the highlight of my day, watching him play live, crowdsurf and even seeing his love gap-toothed grin in the media tent was surreal. Dude knew how to show a good time.

When the night drew nearer, the ladies conquered the stages. Little Dragon, BANKS, FKA Twigs were magnetic on stage. You could not peel your eyes away. Each of them were eccentric in their own way and it was eclectic throughout the sets. St. Vincent though, really captured my attention. I love Annie, her down-to-earth personality and insightful song-writing. When I head her play ‘Prince Johnny’, a lump formed in my throat. I was thrilled beyond belief, to be in awe of Annie.

I left the festival in disbelief of the experience I had just revelled in. I was officially hooked on live music.

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