I’ve Got A Crush On You Karen O


Karen O | Crush Songs |

Blossoming as a solo artist, Karen O has released an LP of ‘Crush Songs’ under Cult Records and is beginning to sound more sincere and vulnerable than ever.

Throughout the LP, it felt like an intimate acoustic session with the singer. The stripped down guitars, her far-off vocals and the lyrics made the whole album even more poignant. It’s cheesy to say this, but Karen O’s ‘Crush Song’s are heartfelt and definitely strikes a chord with the listener. There’s emotions of longing, despair and at times, some comfort. Basically what it’s like to have a crush.

It feels like the inevitable moment of forming a crush and all the frustrations that come along with it. The second track, ‘Rapt’, is the never-ending pondering of whether your feelings will be reciprocated. Do I really need, another habit like you, I really need, Do you need me too, I believe it’s gonna leave me blue. 

It progresses with a similar anguished mood but all is not lost. Halfway through the album, things start to pick up with ‘Day Go By’ where she starts to sound a little more hopeful and rosy. Tracks like ‘King’, ‘Indian Summer’ and ‘Sunset Sun’ maintains the tender moment and it sort of gives it a happy ending, so to say. Until ‘Native Korean Rock’ starts and you finally hear Karen O expressing her honest-to-goodness self. Truly a happy ending I suppose.

Listening to ‘Crush Songs’ feels like you’ve opened a diary full of smitten confessions. Maybe it’s the same story repeated one or two times, but just like a diary, you’re drawn to its sentimental contents and Karen O’s earnest vocals are a bonus.

(For some reason I keep picturing Ellen Page singing these songs in Juno.)

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