Showing Mercy

The band known for their stage theatrics and live musical chops is soon releasing their seventh studio album ‘Drones’ and their continuous success has been impressive. Despite that, Muse has disappointed fans slightly with their older work, ‘The 2nd Law’ (I admit, I’m one of those fans). Come on, songs like ‘New Born’ and ‘ Citizen Erased’ were amazing, it can’t be wrong to want more of that.

But I have been duped before, seeing as how their live performances always brings their songs up a notch, especially after being riveted by their set at the Rome Olympic Stadium (the DVD of course). I took a fancy to songs like ‘Follow Me’ and ‘Animals’ afterwards. ‘Mercy’ is no different, I was initially sceptical but after playing it at Radio 1’s Big Weekend, I’m pretty interested in what ‘Drones’ will offer.

(‘Mercy’ sounds a little like ‘Starlight right? It’s not just me?)

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