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FIDLAR – 40oz. On Repeat

The voice of teenage angst, FIDLAR, released a new track, ’40oz. On Repeat’ and it was nothing less than what you would expect from them. They’re still that laid-back, straight up garage punk band that I grew so fond of two years ago with their debut album. Even after those two long years, their chaotic energy show no signs of dwindling. Their video parodying our favourite 90’s music videos is a hoot to watch and Zack Carper makes for a very pretty Britney Spears btw.

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On My Loop: Angel Olsen – Forgiven/Forgotten

Angel Olsen’s single ‘Forgiven/Forgotten’ from her album ‘Burn Your Fire For No Witness’, stomps its way through but still, with a sort of sentiment. Her reserved yet affectionate vocals against a disgruntled indie folk instrumentation makes for a stand-out track.

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Blur’s Amusing ‘Ong Ong’ Video

I’m glad to see that age hasn’t taken away the Britpop legends’ sense of fun and good humour in their new music video for ‘Ong Ong’. Playing video games and dressing up in costumes is the perfect way to accompany the light-hearted track. Who needs deeper meanings when you can have Damon Albarn in an ice cream suit being all silly? And Alex James in a bright red fat suit was the cherry on top of it all.

Would it be at all possible to see them wear these costumes at gigs?

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“Sing me to sleep, i’m tired and i want to go to bed.”

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On My Loop: Protomatyr – Come and See

Protomatyr, the American post-punk band released their third full-length LP ‘Under Colour of Official Right’ last year and me being slow, has just gotten around to listening to it. It’s heavy, wicked with the deep and coarse vocals that just completes this menacing album. And their single ‘Come and See’, is everything the album is. The single is filled with this wrath that’s accompanied by a bass that’s just full of suspense. It’s a great listen for whenever you’re in an angsty mood.

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