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*photos are shit cause I was too busy enjoying myself, and I didn’t have my camera with me.

Holy crap are Muse amazing live. This legend of a band manages to bring out a sort of manic energy from their fans with their electrifying performances. Playing hits like ‘Starlight’ and ‘Hysteria’ brought the audience together in almost a cult-like manner proving the supremacy of a Muse song (see what I did there? Supremacy? No? Ok.)

New songs from their recent albums might sound sub-par on their own but with the prowess and skill of Muse’s live performances, they elevate songs like ‘Mercy’ and ‘Psycho’ to anthems that stimulates the audience. But not playing ‘The Handler’ was a big mistake to me because that song is first-rate Muse material and brings me back to the times of ‘Black Holes and Revelations’ (and it definitely beats ‘Madness’, seriously, I just passed the time by snapping photos of Matt).


My highlight of the night however was when they started playing ‘Citizen Erased’! YES! THANK YOU! I cherished every minute of hearing that song live, I was ecstatic (but I still did really want to hear ‘Map of the Prblematique’, but that didn’t happen).

Sure it was like an hour and half wait for the band to step onto the stage but the next two hours were bewitching, being blessed with the trio’s fantastic energy and flawless live performances. They may be a band of few words, but who cares when you get to sing your heart out to ‘Plug In Baby’ CRUCIFIES MY ENEMIES WHEN I’M TIRED OF LIVING. See, you just can’t help yourself.

I even get to check “fist-pumping to ‘Knights of Cydonia'” off my bucket list.

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*love is the warmest colour (not blue, which is unfortunately the colour of most of my photos.)

Man can this band give me chills.

Alt-J are almost like magicians, putting you into a trance, making you totally unaware of everything else- at least that’s how my brother described me while I was at the concert, describing my “dancing” as hippie-esque and laughing thereafter. Hmph.

But I swear that it’s almost impossible resist the charm that is Alt-J. Hearing ‘Taro’, ‘Nara’ and ‘Dissolve Me’ live, was sensational. This was one my first few concerts and these songs nearly got me emotional. Despite Gwil’s absence, their performances were above par and did not fail to excite the fans (which includes the many Coachella girls that were present and somehow managed to only remember the lyrics to ‘Breezeblocks’ and ‘Matilda’ and yes, I do get annoyed easily).

The band’s distinct musical style is definitely a feat to achieve and deserves the mainstream success it has garnered. Hey, if you know more than 4 songs I’d say you’re a fan already, even if you are a Coachella girl (yes, some Coachella girl did rub me off the wrong way at the concert and not just because she had on a flower crown).

Alt-J, it was an amazing set that transported me to another universe where your sound reigned supreme. Just come back and let me have another fantastic time ok.

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My 2015

I’d say this year was the year of many milestones for me. Entering uni, controlling the everyday anxiety I have, but most of all, going to more concerts *woop woop* (Not exactly that much more, but still “more”). Laneway 2015 has probably sparked some sort of new found bravery in me to plough through crowds of scenesters (that are definitely eyeing me up and down condescendingly) and to just relax, focus on whoever’s on stage and let myself go. Heck, I even managed to survive a concert all by myself (seriously this was against all odds.) I’m proud of that and I honestly had an unforgettable time.

I’ve been to a number of concerts recently, even to some that I’d never thought I’d attend *cough* One Direction *cough* Jessie J (my wonderful internship gave me the wonderful opportunity to be amongst extremely excitable fangirls). But New Found Glory wasn’t too bad. So there’s gonna be a slew of concert photos and posts, and me failing  describe their performances. Just know I had a good time and a pretty good year. Yay 2015!