My 2015

I’d say this year was the year of many milestones for me. Entering uni, controlling the everyday anxiety I have, but most of all, going to more concerts *woop woop* (Not exactly that much more, but still “more”). Laneway 2015 has probably sparked some sort of new found bravery in me to plough through crowds of scenesters (that are definitely eyeing me up and down condescendingly) and to just relax, focus on whoever’s on stage and let myself go. Heck, I even managed to survive a concert all by myself (seriously this was against all odds.) I’m proud of that and I honestly had an unforgettable time.

I’ve been to a number of concerts recently, even to some that I’d never thought I’d attend *cough* One Direction *cough* Jessie J (my wonderful internship gave me the wonderful opportunity to be amongst extremely excitable fangirls). But New Found Glory wasn’t too bad. So there’s gonna be a slew of concert photos and posts, and me failing  describe their performances. Just know I had a good time and a pretty good year. Yay 2015!


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