A bunch of random and personal (or biased) opinions from a random dweeb. I love listening to music, I love looking for more good music and I love writing about good music. (Not a professional, just a hipster – I like to say that word a lot).

I heard somewhere that “Cellar Door” is considered to be the most beautiful phrase among many linguists not because of its semantics or even its appearance, but basically because of the way it sounds. Sure maybe some might agree, some might not but plenty might be indifferent or even confused (which was me at first actually).

But that’s how I see music. Different types of people will either love or loathe particular types of music but maybe haven’t opened themselves up to an abounding amount of other music. I’m not a linguist but I like listening to music that can leave you with some sort of emotion or feeling and most of what I share is already pretty popular, but I do try to scour the internet for hidden gems and share the joy cause who doesn’t love good music right?

And if you’d like to look at more photos of the concerts I’ve been to, head on over to nabilahismail.weebly.com.


One thought on “About

  1. jprobichaud says:

    Clever blog title. I look forward to checking in your musical thoughts.

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