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On My Loop

Bless the internet for the unlimited access to great music, which brings me to share what I’ve been playing on loop for awhile now.

Kane Strang – My Smile is Extinct

Given the subject of the song, breaking up with a cheating girlfriend, Strang’s unvarying vocals isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially when accompanied with dispirited twangs of the guitar. I actually really love the whole dejected energy of the song. As morbid as that sounds, the lyrics actually carry some sort of sharp wit which are pretty clever and humorous, taking jabs at an existence that becomes troublesome to live on after a break up. And the song’s been stuck in my head for long time now.

Zack Villere – Cool

Formerly known as Froyo Ma, Zack Villere returns with a quirky little tune that is reminiscent of his other-worldly work as Froyo Ma. Villere makes music that’s akin to comfort food. It’s relaxing, comforting of course, melodius and just fun to listen to. “Cool” in itself sounds like a Saturday morning cartoon with its animated and zany tune (also, his resemblance to Arnold from the Magic School Bus kind of adds to this image somehow). In spite of his desire to be cool and requests for approval from others, he actually comes across as if at peace with who he is, emitting a certain confidence that is quite charming.

Brockhampton – Sweet

This group has.been.blowing.up and it’s not hard to see why. Despite each person’s strong personality that clearly shines through in the track, the group manages to come together cohesively through truly unique beats such as this one in “Sweet”. The whole of Saturation and Saturation II is quite a feat and I implore anyone who reads this to go and listen to both albums because their creativity in this short period of time is impressive and inspirational (I mean, it got me off my lazy ass to actually do something). However, this particular song stood out with its earworm of a hook. Kevin Abstract (leader of the group I suppose?) just has a knack for producing choruses that are extremely memorable. “Sweet” particularly has the tune of a snake charmer playing me into a trance, which would make sense as to why I haven’t stopped listening to this song. This is a boyband I can get on board with.

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On My Loop: Charly Bliss – Ruby

With vocals akin to the likes of Mars Argo (which I might describe as a “baby doll” with helium?) and instrumentation that’s a mix of grunge and pop, there’s very little to not like about this band. The lead singer’s vocals aren’t usually something I’d stay around for but there’s a high-powered energy to her style of singing that I just got hooked on. It feels like she’s managed to harness the impossibly high falsetto in her voice into something that sounds deceivingly sweet (she sounds nice and innocent but would daringly flip the bird right in your face). And I do hear a tinge of Weezer in the guitar solo – what’s not to like about that? The band may not be revolutionary but definitely has something that has been missing in the indie-rock genre (cause I suggest that hipsters branch out from something other than chillwave or synthwave or something of that like).

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On My Loop: Aesop Rock – Kirby

Heeyyyyyy Kirby, whatcha doing Kirby? This song is addictive.

For a guy who’s been making music for at least 2 decades, I kind of hope that he gets more recognition for the great music he’s putting out. If he can rap about his new cat with pretty impressive lyricism, I don’t think he’s a rapper that should be dismissed. His lyrics vividly tell the quirky behaviour of his pet cat but in such a creative manner that I sometimes forget that it’s just about a pet cat.

‘The Impossible Kid’ as a whole is pretty darn good too (even though I’m late to get to it).

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On My Loop: Car Seat Headrest – TheDrum & Angel Olsen – Shut Up Kiss Me

Almost everybody has been gushing over Car Seat Headrest’s latest album  Teens of Denial and I was stoked to have something new to listen to. Will Toledo, the brains behind it all, has released at least a dozen albums which amazes me because I can barely even write nursery rhyme. Teens of Denial was the album praised to the high heavens but somehow I was just more inclined to check out the album prior to it, Teens of Style. The single off of that album ‘Something Soon’ is an amazing track that’s full with the feeling of exasperation and frustration. I’ve never found a lyric more relatable than I want to kick my dad in the shins because I seriously do (seriously). But ‘The Drum’ is the track that caught my attention because even though it might initially sound flat and detached, it feels almost confessional to me, kind of a reflection of some sort of problematic behaviour that all of us have probably displayed. But I have been repeating the bridge this is our lifetime and I am his creator, a young man slowly pulled apart by separate pulls of gravity for a pretty long time and is it possible to interpret since it came to him in a dream?

And ooh wee is Angel Olsen’s new track a fantastic one. Her album Burn Your Fire for No Witness had me smitten, it was a solid indie rock, lo-fi album with solid tracks. ‘Shut Up Kiss Me’ is a bold step up from her previous album, elevating her sound that’s a perfect mix of sentimentality and attitude. I love it.


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On My Loop: Hibou – When The Season Ends

To me, Hibou kinda sounds like the love child of DIIV and Wild Nothing. There’s a bubbly sensation to Peter Michel’s tracks that just makes me tingly all over. ‘When The Season Ends’ is a track has that has some sort of Phoenix indie-pop beat but mixed in with the light dreaminess of DIIV and Wild Nothing. Vocals may be just a tad apathetic, but hey, it goes with this style of music.

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On My Loop: Angel Olsen – Forgiven/Forgotten

Angel Olsen’s single ‘Forgiven/Forgotten’ from her album ‘Burn Your Fire For No Witness’, stomps its way through but still, with a sort of sentiment. Her reserved yet affectionate vocals against a disgruntled indie folk instrumentation makes for a stand-out track.

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On My Loop: Protomatyr – Come and See

Protomatyr, the American post-punk band released their third full-length LP ‘Under Colour of Official Right’ last year and me being slow, has just gotten around to listening to it. It’s heavy, wicked with the deep and coarse vocals that just completes this menacing album. And their single ‘Come and See’, is everything the album is. The single is filled with this wrath that’s accompanied by a bass that’s just full of suspense. It’s a great listen for whenever you’re in an angsty mood.

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On My Loop: Sakawa Boys – Lazy Eys

I’m a sucker for the fast-paced, guitar-filled and straightforward indie rock tracks. They’re easy to get on board with and it always beats listening to a Top 40 Hit. Hailing from Cape Town South Africa, Sakawa Boys is still a pretty fresh band but their track ‘Lazy Eys’ is a promising tune. There’s a sense of urgency in this track that kicks right in from the get go. Sure it’s rough around the edges, but that’s part the restless charm this track has. Sakawa Boys, I’m gonna look out for you in the future.

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On My Loop: Parquet Courts – Instant Disassembly

“Tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll love you tomorrow.” Is that you Annie that I hear? Nah, it’s the laid-back tune of the Parquet Courts. The Brooklyn band is usually recognised fast tempo tracks like a favourite of mine, ‘Stoned and Starving’ but the band decelerates on ‘Instant Disassembly’, taking a turn for the sedated and unhurried. It’s constant throughout the whole 7 minute track, the same chords repeated over and over again. Albeit, there’s a certain something to it that locks you in and before you know it, that 7 minutes has ended and Parquet Courts is now your new favourite band.

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On My Loop: Beach Baby – No Mind No Money

Relatively new in the scene, the London four-piece Beach Baby has a few tracks here and there. With ‘No Mind No Money’ under their sleeve, this kind of post-punk, kind of grunge track with a little shoegaze infused in it, is one you’ll be listening to on repeat.

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