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Goddamn Groovy


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Peppy Hipsters

The other day I accidentally clicked on a Hippo Campus music video from my YouTube recommendations (i say accidentally because from the pastel-coloured thumbnail I was guessing I’ve heard this band’s sound before) and I realised how long I haven’t listened to simple, catchy and snappy indie guitar music. For some reason I always feel like I have to listen to music that’s unconventional and groundbreaking  (most probably to pander my insecurities regarding my self-worth ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). Trying to be a  music snob isn’t as easy as a melon (theneedledrop) makes it out to be. Experimental music isn’t exactly a genre you want to put on to unwind during vacation. So I decided to click on all the YouTube recommendations of indie music (after clicking that Hippo Campus music video) and I’ve compiled some of my favourite tracks into a playlist. I have no intention of offending hipsters with the title of this playlist but let’s face it, hipsters (including me) tend to gravitate towards music like this like a moth to a flame. Could you blame us? It’s like instant gratification in easily digestible tunes (which were made by people that kind of carry that hipster aesthetic as well?).

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Zodiac Shit

Just a bunch of songs that I like, gotta keep up with the indie-electronica scene ammirite? (I’m not right and these songs transcend genres honestly). But this type of music was never exactly my favourite (i’ve liked a few songs here and there), but these songs are making a case for it. And there’s  Glass Animal’s new track ‘Life Itself’ which is a bouncy one. After two years since ‘Zaba’, they’ve returned with a track that’s exotically upbeat with a sleek chorus that will spur you to get you to your feet. I mean the lyric “she said i look fat, but i look fantastic” is bound to bring out some sort of reaction.

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“Sing me to sleep, i’m tired and i want to go to bed.”

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Rabid Glow

Cruising through the night, watching the luminous city lights glow, is a calming experience. Just remember to have this playlist by your side.

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So Dead


‘So Dead’ by Tearjerker has been featured On My Loop and the track kind of inspired me to make a playlist full of these “heck care” songs that are perfect for slacking off. So for all you deadbeat bums out there while you skate your way to the mall or down the alley, this is for you. Even if idling by isn’t your thing, take a day off and jam out.

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