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Clipping. – Air ‘Em Out

Clipping. dropped a new video yo (it’s okay, I cringed too). Looks like Daveed Diggs has some free time away from being Thomas Jefferson and that Tony Award can’t save him in this X-Files situation he’s in for the video for ‘Air Em Out’. I’m no hip-hop expert or whatever, but I do know that I like this song and the video’s  equally good too (has that signature Clipping. concept of simplicity infused with “hidden messages”… or something).

The experimental hip-hop group impressed with their debut mixtape Midcity but I became more interested in their album CLPPNG. Their EP ‘Wriggle’ was nothing short of what Clipping. are capable of but it felt slightly toned down from the intricate noises that I usually hear from their songs (‘Shooter’ was banging though).

‘Air Em Out’ seems to be going back to those  intricate noises that were prominent in CLPPNG (well, to me but what do I know about hip-hop right). But it is just the first track released for their new album Slpendor and Misery which makes it as intriguing as the video (seriously, this is some Stranger Things shit).

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