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Not Fazed One Bit

IMG_54072If 4 big burly men willingly and wholeheartedly declare that they’re a “lucky girl” repeatedly, Amelia Murray has successfully infected her diverse audience with her bright, bubbly and glowing indie pop hits.

Amelia Murray or aka, Fazerdaze, caught attention when her single “Lucky Girl” became one of the many viral indie songs that YouTube sometimes just won’t stop recommending you (but i’ll gladly take it over any vlogger that YouTube won’t stop shoving down my throat). The lucky girl collected a few million views from her saccharine song that was just sticky with peppy synths and mixed with composed vocals that just feels like it’s in a far away place. However, the song doesn’t accurately represent the rest of her album “Morningside” which might even sound like a laid-back listen just for leisure. But Murray has some angst and agony that she showcases in songs like “Friends,” “Half-Figured” and “Misread”.  She sounds a tad bit more vexed in her shortcomings such as not being able to equally divide her attention among her friends or even not fully understanding her feelings towards someone (same, honestly). The instrumentals become more fierce, almost emulating Angel Olsen in way (at least that’s how I hear it). Her album doesn’t fall flat on one song style and it was even better to hear that variety live on stage.

It wasn’t much of a stage by the way, it was more of like large desk in a very poorly ventilated room but the intimacy of the setting was very apt for a musician like Fazerdaze. Being only about 2 meters away from her felt quite surreal (or it could be because I was lacking air). She seemed to be such an amiable person and constantly communicated her appreciation for her sold-out show (she also stopped the show for a girl who passed out from the humidity,  you can’t be any more of a better person that). The sentimentality of her songs that shares her personal emotions resonated with a lot of teenagers, some, who were at the show, were quite exuberant and lively. That energy is sometimes pretty rare at concerts in Singapore where stiffness and rigidity is commonplace sadly. It might sound like any other indie music to an outsider, but there’s a poignancy to her songs that has a great effect on a fan.

Amelia wasn’t phased by the uncomfortable environment and braved through the heat with her audience (who were all drenched in sweat) and it showed some form of resilience on her behalf. Even if the energy from the crowd died down eventually (unsurprisingly because it was literally hard to breathe with no fresh air), she never really showed any signs of slowing down and progressed with a good level of vigor.  When the much anticipated song “Lucky Girl” began, the crowd (or at least me) went nuts. I did mention the men who unashamedly chanted I’m a lucky girl right? Our high energy was reciprocated by Amelia’s enthusiasm and her “stage dive” – she joins the crowd and rubs elbows with us peasants while still jamming on her guitar (so cool). She made what could have been and unbearable night, a pretty remarkable one honestly.

P.S. To further emphasise her friendly personality, she was actually patient enough to meet and greet almost every single one of us hipsters who are undeserving of such kindness.

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Peppy Hipsters

The other day I accidentally clicked on a Hippo Campus music video from my YouTube recommendations (i say accidentally because from the pastel-coloured thumbnail I was guessing I’ve heard this band’s sound before) and I realised how long I haven’t listened to simple, catchy and snappy indie guitar music. For some reason I always feel like I have to listen to music that’s unconventional and groundbreaking  (most probably to pander my insecurities regarding my self-worth ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). Trying to be a  music snob isn’t as easy as a melon (theneedledrop) makes it out to be. Experimental music isn’t exactly a genre you want to put on to unwind during vacation. So I decided to click on all the YouTube recommendations of indie music (after clicking that Hippo Campus music video) and I’ve compiled some of my favourite tracks into a playlist. I have no intention of offending hipsters with the title of this playlist but let’s face it, hipsters (including me) tend to gravitate towards music like this like a moth to a flame. Could you blame us? It’s like instant gratification in easily digestible tunes (which were made by people that kind of carry that hipster aesthetic as well?).

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